November 26th, 2008

RETINA FOR SALE, I tend towards addictive behaviors.  I don't know why, but it's how I'm built.  Some are fleeting (let's not speak of that little fling with origami).  I think haiku will fit this category as well.  Some settle into a proper interest; Ancient Egypt did that nicely.   Some I'm forced to end, RETINA alternatives, Doses RETINA work, such as listening to the Masterpieces of the Imaginative Mind course.  I only have four lectures left.  The sheer brilliance of this course is a thing to behold.  Some seem to be permanent.  Knitting has fit that camp for me, but books hold a special place, cheap RETINA, RETINA description, an obsession that transcends obsession.

My coworkers have tried interventions.  They have suggested that perhaps I didn't need to buy three books in one week (or one day), RETINA pictures, Buy generic RETINA, that Amazon must love me (I suspect they prefer the people who buy the DVD box sets, not the mass market paperbacks), taking RETINA, RETINA duration, and that the people in Borders know me by name.

I think, discount RETINA, RETINA images, were there a readers anonymous group, they would reject me as a hopeless case.  I've taken to reading at the fax machine while waiting for confirmation pages, RETINA reviews, Buy RETINA from canada, a practice I will still defend as beating the alternative of staring at the wall.

As it stands, RETINA overnight, RETINA long term, I've cataloged over 1,100 books in Goodreads after a huge purge of my library.  I haven't switched the status to "read" on most of them because it's linked to my Twitter account, get RETINA, RETINA price, coupon, so it would look to my followers as if I were reading a book every 45 seconds.  I should have finished those updates before linking it.  The thing is, now a few friends on Twitter are starting to express a bit of concern about my rather voracious book habits, RETINA photos. RETINA coupon, Perhaps, since an overwhelming number of people have suggested this might be a bit of a problem, buy RETINA no prescription, RETINA forum, I should start to worry.  I'm not sure what differentiates obsessive from normal behavior in areas that are not intrinsically harmful (there is a difference between drinking too much and knitting too much).  We have no guidelines on the upper limit of reading.  The lower is 1/2 hour to an hour a day minimum, but that's no help.  Perhaps Freud has written on this.  I'm going to zip over to Borders over lunch and try to find a book on the subject, RETINA used for. RETINA blogs. RETINA maximum dosage. Buy RETINA without prescription. Effects of RETINA. RETINA from mexico. RETINA for sale. Australia, uk, us, usa. Buy RETINA from mexico. RETINA australia, uk, us, usa. Order RETINA from mexican pharmacy. RETINA recreational. Buy no prescription RETINA online. RETINA over the counter. Purchase RETINA.

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  • 1. Jen  |  November 26th, 2008 at 8:57 am

    If only more people had this “problem”…

  • 2. Jane Lebak  |  November 27th, 2008 at 5:10 am

    My Patient Husband says the difference between this and harmful addictions is that eventually a harmful addiction (such as drinking or heroin) will kill you, and then you’re dead and you stop buying booze or heroin.

    But nonharmful addictions don’t have the same warning sign, and they will not kill you, and therefore you will never stop buying books or yarn.

  • 3. CricketB  |  December 3rd, 2008 at 9:51 am

    You can be sociable and knitt at the same time (except for some patterns), so I like it for visiting. You can also knit while watching subtitled anime with friends, or during long car drive (whereas reading will often trigger carsickness.) Not easy to knitt during a board game, though — my turn always comes around just as I have to check a count. Books, however, are more portable (unless I spend my reading budget on that set interchangable cable needles with super-short ends, but then I’d also have to break my projects on the go at a time limit.

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