These are the projects we’re going to be knitting in this podcast. I’d like to ask you to knit them all in order. It’s not about knitting a scarf or a hat. It’s about building skills you can apply to any knitting project.

Project 1 — Garter Stitch Scarf
You will learn how to cast on, the knit stitch, and how to cast off.

Project 2 — Hat
You will learn gauge swatching, the purl stitch, K2Tog decreases, and how to seam a knitted item.

Project 3 — Mittens
You will learn increases, how to knit in the round with dpns, SSK decreases, and the kitchener stitch.

Project 4 — Socks
You will get some experience in working at a tighter gauge and learn sock construction.

Project 5 — Lace Scarf
You will learn the yarn over increase and get your feet wet with lace knitting.

Project 6 — Two color hat
You will learn three ways of working with two colors of yarn. Slip stitch knitting, fair isle, and instarsia.

Project 7 — Beaded hat
You will learn two ways of adding beads to your knitting, by pre-stringing and by hooking them on.