Voice Mail

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We now have a voice mail line. You can call us at 206-984-9499. The number is listed on the sidebar.


Episode 5 — The Purl Stitch

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We start the hat and look at ribbing and stockinette.

I have a group of short knitting videos up on YouTube and we have a wiki that will put text and picture descriptions as well as small videos of each of the techniques we’ve covered as we go. Links to both will remain on the sidebar.

We’re having a contest. E-mail a photo of your finished scarf to Ivy@KnittingStepbyStep.com with the subject “Scarf Picture” by September 15, 2007, and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a cool tote bag.
The video has an odd hiccup at about 9 1/2 minutes in, but it goes away fast.

The YouTube video is here.

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Scarf Picture Contest

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We want to see your scarves!

Send a photo of your finished scarf to Ivy@KnittingStepbyStep.com with the subject “Scarf picture” by September 15, 2007 and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win an official Knitting Step by Step tote bag.

I’m going to display all of the scarves on the website, but if you don’t want me to show yours, say so. You’ll still be eligible for the drawing.

Good luck!

Lisa’s Scarf

My Scarf


Episode 4 — Finishing

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We have a group on Facebook.

I interviewed Jason for my writing podcast over at TheWritingCast.com. If you’re interested, check out episode 7.

Send me a picture of your finished scarf and you could win a free tote bag. That and other knitting swag is here.

I mentioned Elizabeth Zimmerman, and her daughter keeps up her knitting tradition over at Schoolhouse Press. Seriously, this woman was probably the most important knitter in modern times. I also mentioned knitting humorist, Stephanie Pearl McPhee, aka the Yarn Harlot. Part of what I’d like to do is not just teach you the mechanics of knitting, but also give you some information about who’s who in the knitting world, and what resources are out there for you. To that end, if you have a knitting podcast, newsletter, or other information source and you’d like me to let my viewers know about it, drop me a line, put a note in the comments, or write about it on our Facebook wall.

The pattern for our next project, a simple hat, is up in the patterns area.

YouTube video 1 is here, video 2 is here, and video 3 is here.

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Episode 3 — Gauge

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In this video we learn about gauge, picking up stitches, and joining a new ball of yarn.

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The YouTube video for part 1 is here and the video for part 2 is here.

Also, I’ve created a Facebook group for anyone interested in discussing the videos, techniques, or patterns. It’s here.