Episode 3 coming soon

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We taped the first part yesterday, so expect the next episode soon. In the meanwhile, you might want to pick up a crochet size (size G or so) because we’ll be using that to pick up stitches.


Episode 2 — The Cast On

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In this video you will learn four cast on methods . I’ve used the term “twisted loop” and “reverse loop” interchangeably. It’s the same cast on.

You will learn the Long Tail Cast-On, the Knit-On Cast-On, the Cable Cast-On, and the Reverse Loop Cast-On. Patterns will rarely tell you what cast on to use. If they don’t, it’s knitter’s choice. In patterns you will see this as “Cast On X” where X = the number of stitches or “CO X”. Incidentally, if you need to cast on after you’ve started your project, you use the Knit On or Cable Cast-On.

You will learn the Knit stitch. When this is called for in a pattern you will see:

  1. K X or KX — Where X is a number. Knit X stitches.
  2. K Across — Knit all the stitches in the row.
  3. K — If this is the only direction in a row, it means to knit all the stitches in the row. If it is followed by something else, knit one stitch.
    • Row 1: K This means knit all the stitches in row 1.
    • Row 1: K P7 K This means Knit 1, Purl 7, Knit 1.
    • Row 1: K P7 K Across This means Knit 1, Purl 7, Knit the remaining his stitches.
    • Row 1: (K P7 K) Across This means you repeat the 9 stitch pattern of Knit 1, Purl 7, Knit 1 all the way across. If you have 27 stitches in the row, you will do the Purl 7 segment 3 times.
  4. K until X remain — Where X is a number. Knit all the stitches until X are left.

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The YouTube version is available in two parts. Part one is here and part two is here.



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Video 1 is now available on YouTube as well. If you would like an e-mail notification of when videos are added to this series, let me know, by e-mail at Ivy@Knittingstebystep.com or by leaving a comment here.


The Pilot Video is Up

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This one introduces the series and explains what supplies you’ll need. If you want to learn to knit please do all the projects. The point is to build skills. If you have no need for a scarf, consider donating it to Dulaan.

Online yarn stores include:
The Knitter

The feed is http://kehinde.com/knittingstepbystep/?feed=rss2
Or you can just watch the video in the box below.

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Episode Guide

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Garter Stitch Scarf
Episode 1: Introductions and overview.
Episode 2: Casting on and the knit stitch.
Episode 3: Gauge swatching. Picking up stitches. Adding a new yarn.
Episode 4: Casting off and weaving in ends..

A basic hat
Episode 5: The purl stitch. Ribbing and Stockinette.
Episode 6: K2Tog decreases and sewing up.

Episode 7: Introduction to double-pointed needles. Increases.
Episode 8: Putting stitches on a holder.
Episode 9: The Kitchner stitch. Picking up stitches

Episode 10: Why are socks addicting?
Episode 11: A basic heel flap.
Episode 12: Turning the heel.
Episode 13: Picking up the gusset. SSK decreases.
A lace scarf
Episode 14: The yarn over increase.
Episode 15: Blocking

A multicolor hat
Episode 16: A slip stitch knitting band
Episode 17: An instarsia band
Episode 18: A Fair isle band

A beaded hat
Episode 19: Pre-stringing beads
Episode 20: Hooking beads.